2011 Mentorship Program – Competition

Debbie Tea

Congratulations to Debbie for emerging as the winner. I want to mention here that it’s a marginal win as the votes were divided among the mentees, and Alecia is a close second.

The public vote winner is Ping, whose vote was submitted on Sept 15 @ 5.10pm. Winner will be contacted via email in the next two weeks. Names that were excluded from the draw are those who were late or voted for more than one person.

I would like to thank Aeli, Amelia, Cindy, Gwen & Jae for reviewing the works and also the public for supporting this competition.
Information on next year’s program can be found here:


2011 Mentorship Program – Testimonies

During the course of the Mentorship’s candid conversations and email exchanges, I am humbled and inspired by Clang’s willingness to share.

His heart truly knows no boundaries. I have learned well through his openness and honesty.

Clang’s acute observations and advice have aided me vastly in my work and thought processes. These ideas will continue to influence and guide me, I’m sure, in ways I do not always expect. His lessons are always simple yet far-reaching. He possesses the ability to immerse himself into the worlds of others, into our private feelings and experiences, as though reading our fortunes through our images. In this way, he affirms who we are, giving us the strength to take charge of our artistic growth.
- Alecia Neo


雖然是偶然機遇下認識了Clang, 但我非常感謝Clang在這段期間不斷地鼓勵和啓發我。透過這樣的計畫,我再也不會覺得在創作的路上倍感孤獨和無助, 即使事實上選擇走這條路勢必是會經過一連串的孤獨和挫折。而我也謝謝Clang以及在這個計畫裡的所有年輕藝術家, 透過一連串的談話,提醒我必須時時重新檢視自己是誰,雖然看似簡單實則困難, 而這樣的課題將終其一生不斷地圍繞著自己。創作和拍照是反映自我的一種表現,透過這樣的對話, 可以不斷地抽絲剝繭,不斷地與他人溝通分享, 就如同在計畫中與大家一起談話般。感謝大家時時提醒著我 – 終其一生千萬別忘記一開始對於選擇創作和拍照的初衷!
- Ali


Having participated in Clang’s mentorship program, I gained so many insights and countless valuable experience which opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of the so-called art world. The lessons Clang shared gave me time to think deeper in different angles, which in turn allow me to explore into the places I haven’t yet managed to reach in the past.

Clang’s mentorship program gave us privileges as mentees. I feel lucky to have the rare opportunities to talk to the guest lecturers during the program (i.e. the professional people in the industry). They shared with us many valuable things not easily accessible outside the mentorship program.

Clang has an undying passion for art; always looks for ideas and the other sides of every little thing. When I talk to him, he never judges me, be it a ’stupid question’ or the most absurd question ever; he never shot me down. I feel that I can always learn something new every time we have a conversation. He would always try to make us think in different shape, size and color. He inspires me to find myself and my ‘truth’.

He is a teacher that I can always learn from and look up to; a friend that would share, listen and care; a person that I could trust and count on.

This program has taught me what I need to reach to my goal, as well as surviving in it; while John, he has taught me to be a person who lives.
- Debbie Tea


Hollister Lowe

It was brought to my attention that Mr Hollister Lowe was selling an image created by me as his own artwork on artnet. It was also donated to an art auction held by New York Academy of Art.

This image was shot by me in 1998.

Title: Fighting Roosters
Year: 1998

Upon further investigation, the image quality looks like a low resolution scan and not an original.

Attached is a letter written by Mr Hollister Lowe for his explanation.

Dear Mr. Clang:

I write to apologize for my mistake in distributing your Rooster photograph as if it were my own. I am embarrassed by this incident and sincerely regret the error. Following is an account of what led to the mistake.

I met Herve Arenne, an art director in Paris at a fashion show in July 2003 and exchanged contact information. In September 2003 he contacted me to commission a concept he had with roosters that he wanted to pitch to a client in France. On October 17, 2003 at 3:00p.m. Mr. Arenne arrived at my studio along with a gentleman who raised roosters in the Bronx. Mr. Arenne produced a couple of layouts and swipes to convey what he wanted the final image to look like. I proceeded to digitally photograph the roosters interacting to Mr. Arenne’s satisfaction which took approximately two hours. My tech / assistant burned a cd of the edited images and gave it to Mr. Arenne. I was compensated and he left for Paris that evening. In January 2004 Mr. Arenne contacted me to say he was sending me the final image which never worked out for his prospective client. Approximately a week later I received a cd (150 M file) of the image in question. When I saw the image, I thought “Wow, this looks great.” I also noticed that the colors were much brighter and the background color had changed. I did not go back to the originals to compare them. I have also been unable to locate any outtakes from my 2003 shoot.

Since January 2004 I have produced two print images titled “Chance Meeting” (20” x 25”) from the file that I received, one of which was donated to the New York Academy of Art (2009) and the other that was sold on (2010). Although the Artnet print is identified as 5 of 9, I only made two prints. The image also appeared on my web site

From that day in October 2003 I wholeheartedly believed that I was the author of the image until I received a call from your representative stating that it was your photograph. I have tried contacting Mr. Arenne by cell phone and mail to no avail.

I acknowledge and agree that you may publish this letter.

Very truly yours,
Hollister Lowe



To all my collectors and patrons, Please note that my artwork comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

If you do not have it or have not received it, please send an email to or Thank you

UNSHAKEABLE 揺れない- To Japan

Opening Reception: Apr 8 (Fri), 7pm
Exhibition Date: Apr 9 (Sat) – Apr 17 (Sun)
Venue: Light Editions Gallery

Address: 39 Keppel Road, #02-02B, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 6:30pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 5pm (Sat – Sun)

UNSHAKEABLE 揺れない- To Japan is an art auction organised by Chris Yap to raise funds for the tsunami and earthquake victims (100% proceeds go to them). The silent auction will take place on Apr 8 (Fri) and it opens to the public the day after. Enquiries at +65 6223 1102 or send an email to

Participating artists: Alfred Ng, Andrew Robert Ng, Anne Laurence Bellon, Boo Sze Yang, Boon Keong Ooi, Brian Gothong Tan, Casey Chen, Charles Pertwee, Chih Wey Then, Chris Yap, Deanna Ng, Dominic John Fonde, Ed Cheong, Eileen Reynolds, Elaine Lim, Eli Tee, Hui May Ho, Hwee Sze Beh, Jason Toh, Jason Wee, Jean Qingwen Loo, John Clang, John Heng, Junji Delfino, Joshua Goh & students, Justin Lee, Kelly Reedy, Kheng Li Wee, Kuning Zai, Little Ong, Marcel Heijnen, Michael Tan, Miguel Chew, Namiko Chan-Lee, Om Mee Ai, Paul Kohl, Paul Seow, Philipp Aldrup, Phunk Studio, Kiat Sing Quek, Ron Lee, Royston Tan, Russel Wong, Serene Yang, Shannon Castleman, Patrick Storey, James B. Stevenson, Sharon Cheah, Shimona Kee, Stefen Chow, Stephen Black, M.L. Mingmongkul Sonakul, Terence Teo, Vincent Yong, Yan Wei Chia, Yang Chang Ling, Yao Hui Lim, Yen Chua, Zihan Loo, Ziliang Song


Now or Never

Opening Reception: Mar 10 (Thurs), 7pm
Exhibition Date: Mar 8 (Tue) – Mar 20 (Sun)
Venue: ION Art Gallery


Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard Level 4, Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Admission: Free

What is important as it is urgent?

NOW or NEVER presents a collection of artworks that examines the concerns and reflections of ten artists. It is an exhibition for trying out new thoughts, but with no ambition to be thematic or representative or to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. NOW or NEVER endeavors to convey that art in Singapore today, revolves around certain categories and subcategories of meaning in certain patterns of movement based on the environment and immediate condition.

Participating artists: Ang Song Nian, John Clang, Eiffel Chong, Ho Hui May, Izziyana Suhaimi, Jason Lim, Joel Yuen, Mintio, Sherman Ong, Zhao Renhui

Presenter: 2902 Gallery