Mentorship Program – Submission closed

My inaugural mentorship program has reached its submission deadline. I have received slightly more than a hundred entries.

Initially, I was planning to only accept 2-3 candidates from the submission but I think it will be too difficult. I’m now seriously considering selecting more, though it’s still very difficult to select the final few. Many will ask what am I looking at when I make my selection? To be honest, when I set up the program I have no clue too. I requested the entrants to submit a body of work and their thoughts on why this mentorship program will help them. I will look at all the work, read their thoughts and decide who will benefit most from this program.

It is very important to know that for those who are not selected, it does not mean the works are not good enough. The selection is not based purely on merits of the work submitted. This program is not merely a critique of your work, and I would dare say it is not about critique. It is about sharing. It is about in depth discussion of one’s work, thoughts and dreams. Pursuit of photography can be a very lonely and frustrating path, I will lend you my ears and guide you along, hopefully to find the door that will open up a fresh and exciting chapter of your visual journey. I will also share with you more about what I have gone through and whatever else you want to know and curious about. The idea is to mentally prepare you for this journey. If I have the answer, I will share. If I don’t, we will find out together.

For those selected, we will try to have a one to one chat fortnightly and a group chat once a month. Selected conversations and images will be shared on my website. Also, the mentees will be able to email me whenever they want when they have any questions or if they have anything to share with me about their progress.

As for those not selected, I will also do my part to write an email to them, commenting on the work they submitted and the questions they have on the written essays. Please note that due to the overwhelming submissions, it will take me a bit of time to reply everyone. I thank you for your patience.

Stay tuned…. results will be disclosed before Jan 31.