2012 Mentorship Program Finalists

This year, I’ve chosen Carrie Lam (Singapore), Dana Meirson (Israel) and Lim Yaohui (Singapore) to be in my mentor program. Looking forward to our first conversation.

Here are some of their work.

Carrie Lam

Line of Connection

This series is a photographic essay that interrogates the relationship between photography, memory and documentary. It is a progress that observes the past through the present and the present through the past leading to the eventual merger of the past and present.

It begins by revisiting memories and going back to my mother’s childhood place. I wish to turn memories into a lived and shared visual experience through my lens. I believe photographs serve to construct a sense of personal histories that become reworked through their transmission to stranger.

However as time passes visiting past memories is not enough for me, moving on to creating memories and documenting what is happening around serves a greater purpose in my life. Thus I progress to document daily life and to explore the relationship between my mum and me.

Drawn to the multi-panel panoramas of compositing, my images consist of photographing each frame and connecting them in triptych, it is almost like telling a story which comes in hand in hand with what I want to share. Having each photograph connect to the other through a line of perspective, yet stitching them up doesn’t fits entirely. It is this line of perspective that guides the viewers through each photograph and the line that symbolizes the connection between relationship and the past and present.

Dana Meirson

art is more of a quality then a profession.

the way you look at things, the immediate interpretation you give to them.

the allegories you choose in order to pronounce yourself, your dreams

Lim Yaohui,

He had a stroke in 2008. I wish I could be his shadow, watching his every step. I do not wish to see him fall or collapse on the floor again.

My father.