Myth of the Flat Earth


Myth of the Flat Earth
2013 | Fine art archival print | Edition of 5 + 2 AP

A haunting icon and meditation of today's nerve-wrecked urban humanity, this photo series depict the desperate need to stay afloat -- at all cost. A sense of paranoia pervades; even as the human figures tread on invisible waters in a pool three feet deep, constantly struggling to stay afloat, head above waters. Like them, we also strive ceaselessly to meet the high-water mark of society's expectations. In turn, these too have become the fatal waters we tread upon.

In the video presentation, there is no water in the pool; and therefore no possibility of drowning. But the humans have failed to grasp the obvious, instead they gasp for air. Like a fish out of water, they flounder about in fear of asphyxiation.

A paradox of our human condition surfaces when the photo series is juxtaposed with the video. Overwhelmed by the waters, we fear drowning (photo series). Out of the waters, we gasp for breath - dying (video). Yet in spite of this fear of the future, there lies within us a drive to tread waters - symbolising a remnant of hope to envisage for ourselves a beautiful end.


installation view here